Udon Master Class & The Secret of Japanese Fermented foods

■Day1  Udon Master Class &Farm Tour

Learn all that goes into making an incredible serving of Sanuki Udon. Each participant will craft their own Udon from scratch under the guidance of local Udon specialists, exploring traditional favorites and wild renditions, discovering the depth and variety that made Sanuki Udon the local pride and the standard against which all Udon is measured. A local farm visit is included, providing a window into the local agriculture and fresh Udon toppings.

■Day2  Udon Breakfeast Tour & Activity on the Seto Inland Sea

In Udon Country, rise and shine with - you guessed it - Udon! The best Udon is where the locals eat, and in Kagawa, they aren't printed in the guidebooks. Following samplings from a few local mainstays and hidden favorites, head out for an afternoon excursion and soak up the majesty of the Seto Inland Sea.

The Secret of Japanese Fermented Foods

Kagawa-area has its own wheat food culture, like Sanuki Udon, due to its climate conditions. At the same time, it has the rich rice and fermented food culture. Let's visit the village, where malted rice has been made for more than 500 years, a shrine which deifies a god of malted rice (and is most likely the only shrine in Japan), a rice vinegar factory, where the vinegar is brewed in a more than 100-year-old wooden tun, and so on. You will enjoy the profoundness of the culture, history and special lunch with various fermented foods!



Udon Master Class: Part 1
- Introductions
- Udon basics
- Kneading technique

Udon Master Class: Part 2
- Dashi (traditional soup stock)
- Umami experience

Udon Master Class: Part 3
- Using the Udon-making machine
- Types of Udon

Farm Tour

Udon Master Class: Part 4
- Dough rolling technique
- Dough cutting technique
- Tastings

Udon Master Class: Part 5
- Noodle boiling technique
- Udon dinner
- Udon topping and style variation experimentation

End of Day 1

7:30 Udon Breakfeast Tour
9:45 Chech out
10:00 Meeting Place: UDON HOUSE
Excursion to fermented food factory and related palces
13:30 lunch with fermented foods
15:00 dismissing at Kanonji St(JR) or UDON HOUSE

Concludes at
15:00 Udon House or Kannonji Station
Program Lead

Sakura Mori, Shotaro Yokoyama

(Shotaro)Fermented foods are a very distinguishing characteristic of Japanese food culture. You must meet various amazing discoveries!
(Sakura) They say omen of Koji factory or village have very clear skin. You will also be more beautiful with tasty fermented foods


Udon Master Class

1 night lodging

1 dinner (day 1)

1 Udon Breakfast Tour (day 2)

1 local activity (day 2)

1 lunch (day 2)


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  • If the reservation is canceled the 7 day before the intended check-in day: 50%
  • If the reservation is canceled the 3 day before the intended check-in day: 100%
  • If no notice is received of cancellation: 100%


Additional Options

Those who wish to stay an additional night are able to do so for an additional 5,000 Yen (tax excluded).

Reservations can be made online in advance.

Stay extensions are possible following the completion of the program, however are subject to room availability.