39,500 Yen (tax excluded)
Udon Master Class
1 night lodging
1 dinner (day 1)
1 Udon Breakfast Tour (day 2)
1 local activity (day 2)
1 lunch (day 2)
Those who wish to stay an additional night are able to do so for an additional 5,000 Yen (tax excluded). Reservations can be made online in advance. Stay extensions are possible following the completion of the program, however are subject to room availability.


Udon Master Class & Local Farm Tour

Learn all that goes into making an incredible serving of Sanuki Udon. Each participant will craft their own Udon from scratch under the guidance of local Udon specialists, exploring traditional favorites and wild renditions, discovering the depth and variety that made Sanuki Udon the local pride and the standard against which all Udon is measured. A local farm visit is included, providing a window into the local agriculture and fresh Udon toppings.


Udon Master Class: Part 1
- Introductions
- Udon basics
- Kneading technique
Udon Master Class: Part 2
- Dashi (traditional soup stock)
- Umami experience
Udon Master Class: Part 3
- Using the Udon-making machine
- Types of Udon
Farm Tour
Udon Master Class: Part 4
- Dough rolling technique
- Dough cutting technique
- Tastings
Udon Master Class: Part 5
- Noodle boiling technique
- Udon dinner
- Udon topping and style variation experimentation
End of Day 1
*Additional light fare provided for dinner in addition to Udon.

Following the completion of the program, guests are free to travel to the coast to enjoy the sunset, visit the local bath and spa, or spend the evening as they please. Note that bath/spa fees are not included and that sunset and beach conditions may vary depending upon weather and the tide.

Udon Breakfeast Tour & Activity on the Seto Inland Sea

Start the day with diverse and delicious Udon at local-favorite Udon restaurants. (Restaurants may vary depending upon day of the week and season).

After breakfast, set out and explore the beauty of the Seto Inland Sea. Canoeing and SUP on the tranquil inland sea are popular activities in warmer seasons, while excursions exploring the local islands offer a further taste of local life on the sea all-year-round.

Day 2


Seto Inland Sea Activity (lunch included)
Recommended and available activities may vary depending on season and weather, with start/finish times varying slightly. Be sure to check program details the week prior to visiting, as additional details will be available.

Program Options:
- Fermented Food & Local Gastronomy Tour
- Canoeing the Inland Sea
- SUP the Inland Sea
- Island Excursion
- Cooking Class: Homemade in Kagawa

16:00 (approximately)
Shuttle service to the local train station provided following the completion of the day's program.
*Note that the final location will differ depending upon the program. Please be sure to check and confirm location prior to taking part.

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