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Journey through the heart of Udon Country, where you'll meet the flavors, people, and stories that have made Sanuki Udon the soul food of the region and the standard for Japanese Udon..

In Kagawa, Japan's birthplace of Udon, the seemingly simple noodles thrive as a staple, a craft, an expression of diversity, and the fiber of community.

The 2-day experiences at UDON HOUSE make you a part of the food culture that has transcended generations while you absorb life on Japan’s majestic Seto Inland Sea.


Basic Program

Udon Master Class & Local Farm Tour

Learn all that goes into making an incredible serving of Sanuki Udon. Each participant will craft their own Udon from scratch under the guidance of local Udon specialists, exploring traditional favorites and wild renditions, discovering the depth and variety that made Sanuki Udon the local pride and the standard against which all Udon is measured. A local farm visit is included, providing a window into the local agriculture and fresh Udon toppings.

Udon Breakfeast Tour & Activity on the Seto Inland Sea

In Udon Country, rise and shine with - you guessed it - Udon! The best Udon is where the locals eat, and in Kagawa, they aren't printed in the guidebooks. Following samplings from a few local mainstays and hidden favorites, head out for an afternoon excursion and soak up the majesty of the Seto Inland Sea.

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